We realize that COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into many families' schedules and presented certain financial hardships. So CHESS has been thinking . . .

Since we've already paid all of the fixed prom costs in full, we've decided to assume the entirety of those costs ourselves and -- just for this exceptionally challenging year -- drop our ticket prices to the bare minimum variable cost per attendee (which is basically the food cost).

Thru July 1st, tickets will be just $25 each.

After July 1st, any remaining tickets will be just $30 each. (Ticket sales will close on July 15th.)

Your ticket includes admission, dinner, and all candid photos.

When we say "food", we mean a full honest-to-goodness chef-prepared meal. (No need to stop at a restaurant before or after!)

When we say "music", we mean a professional live DJ.

When we say "photos", we mean professionally captured and edited images from a full-time professional photographer.

Yes, these prices will be a considerable loss for CHESS. But we realize that this may be the only way for some students who have already spent a month or more in social isolation to attend a quality prom this year. And as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. The venue and music cost CHESS the same whether we have 50 or 80 attendees, and giving as many students as possible a quality prom this year is far more important to us than recuperating our sunk costs.*

We have also amended our dress code as described below.

*If you'd like to help CHESS recuperate some of these costs at NO cost to you, please consider using GoodSearch as your default search engine.



Our prom had originally been scheduled for Tuesday, May 5th. In mid-March, before EPIC temporarily closed their doors, we pre-arranged a backup date with them of Tuesday, August 4th. In late March, with an increasing number of school systems announcing closure through 2019-2020 year end and even cancellations of proms and graduation ceremonies, we verified the availability of our live DJ and professional photographer and committed to postponing our prom to Tuesday, August 4th.


The schedule for the evening remains unchanged.

Doors will open by 5:30pm.

All parents will be allowed inside to take their own pictures until dinner is served at 6pm.

Due to Sumner County's 11pm curfew, the venue closes at 10pm.

All students must be off the premises by 10:15pm.

Dress Code


Any "Sunday church dress" that meets our modesty guidelines will be acceptable.


You may wear a dress shirt and tie with dress slacks and dress shoes. No jacket is required.

Exception for Non-Homeschooled Students

In consideration of our public and private school friends and neighbors whose proms may have been cancelled or rescheduled for a date when they cannot attend, we are opening our prom to EVERYONE who meets the age requirements and agrees to abide by our dress code and code of conduct.