May I serve as a chaperone?

Thanks for asking! We're in need of a limited number of parent chaperones* who will be expected to monitor all attendees for any violations of Dress Code or Code of Conduct and to escort any student who may need to leave the Polk Commons ballroom before 10pm.

Chaperones are admitted free of charge, with the option of enjoying the same meal as attendees for just $25.

*Chaperones are accepted on a first-come first-served basis up to the number we need according to total attendance. (There will be an area for you to indicate your interest within the Ticket purchase form.)

May I request a certain song or list of songs?

Certainly! When you purchase your Ticket, you'll have the option of ranking up to five (5) songs you'd like to hear during your prom. Be aware that some of the best songs to listen to aren't necessarily the best songs to dance to.

Please bear in mind that ours is a Christian organization. Our live DJ will attempt to source censored versions of songs featuring minimal inappropriate lyrics. However, we will not play any songs with objectionable themes. The CHESS-Board's discretion is the final authority in this matter.

Will I receive a physical paper ticket?

No . . . because you don't need one! Just bring an acceptable photo ID*, and we'll verify your digital Ticket/Guest Voucher purchase.

*Your photo ID must include your physical address and date of birth.